Aksarben Creative, LLC is an Omaha-based small business focused on developing and promoting creative projects.

We are storytellers.

Aksarben Creative strives to tell Midwestern stories with reasonable budgets and provide maximum entertainment.

Areas of specialization include the development and production of independent feature films, short films, web series, music videos, podcasts, photography, branding & graphic design, and more.

Aksarben Creative existed originally only as a film production company, but has expanded into development and promotion of creative projects of all types. Founded in 2013 as Fatherson Productions, the company produced a handful of feature films and shorts. The company re-branded in 2017 to focus on more than just filmmaking.

We are local.

We are proud of our local connection. Aksarben Creative values the benefits of a strong local connection and we strive to support local artists and businesses in our community. We take pride in our effort to include these community connections in our work, such as filming scenes at local businesses and working with local musicians to develop soundtracks or music videos.

Aksarben Creative supports local. We encourage you to do the same.



Ben Matukewicz

Creative Director

Ben Matukewicz co-founded Aksarben Creative and serves as President and Creative Director. He has produced feature films, short films, and music videos. Matukewicz has a background in branding, marketing, and public relations. He is a resident of Benson and active in the local craft beer community.


Tom Knoblauch

Director of Creative Strategy

Tom Knoblauch co-founded Aksarben Creative and serves as Vice President and Director of Creative Strategy. He has written and directed feature films and short films and has written two novels. Knoblauch has experience in radio and podcasting, and currently hosts the podcast The Medium Roast.


Candice Sortino

Business Development

Candice Sortino joined Aksarben Creative in 2014 and has assisted with production of all company projects. She serves as Director of Business Development. Sortino is a Wellness Coach in the Omaha area and is active in the local hockey community.


Abigail C.K. Lill

Project Development

Abigail joined Aksarben Creative in 2018 and serves as Director of Project Development. She wrote and directed the short film Racist Cannibal. Lill has a background in playwriting and is a proud supporter of arts in the Midwest. She is active in the local hockey community.


Ross Doehling

Content Development

Ross Doehling joined Aksarben Creative in 2016 as a creative consultant and serves as Director of Content Development. He has assisted with production on several short films and an upcoming web series. Doehling has experience in stand-up comedy and sketch writing.


Liz Matukewicz

Event Coordinator, Production Management

Liz Matukewicz joined Aksarben Creative in 2015 and has assisted with production on several feature films. She serves as Event Coordinator and a Production Manager. Matukewicz is a certified fitness instructor in the Omaha area.