Building the Brand: Lakehouse Tavern

Aksarben Creative is proud to have partnered with the wonderful folks at Lakehouse Tavern in Hopkinton, New Hampshire to develop branding and web design. This project was a fantastic experience, and we thought we'd share some behind the scenes information on the process.


We were contacted about designing a logo for the soon-to-be-open (at the time) Lakehouse Tavern in Hopkinton, New Hampshire. The request was for a logo that would be used across a variety of formats and would fit the theme of the establishment. The client presented a few ideas for colors and design elements.

The first step of our branding process is research. A key point in our research process included studying vintage New England tavern signage. The client requested a rendering of the new tavern itself in the logo and included photos for us to consider. It was determined early on that the logo would represent a vintage tavern sign without necessarily being a direct copy. Various elements would need to fit within this shape while keeping in mind the concept of reproducing the final logo in a variety of formats.


Another key element of the research process was color investigation. A "lake side" theme was our first idea, in the form of navy and light blue. While digging deeper into the New England tavern signage theme it was determined navy and gold was a fitting color scheme. This was presented to the client, who asked to see variations including light blue, yellow, and orange. Yellow was ultimately chosen by the client to pair with navy.


Various design elements were considered within the logo. The vintage tavern sign ornamentation elements were kept throughout the design process, while the central symbol changed several times. The original draft featured an anchor to support the water-based identity, but was replaced by a blue heron at the request of the client. The client ultimately requested an otter after discovering a family of otters living nearby the new tavern site, and a friendly otter was rendered for the logo and additional branding use.


The logo went through several drafts as we worked with the client to find the best options for each design element. Font, color, and symbols were modified with each draft until we found the best fit.


The final draft of the logo was delivered along with an alternate word mark for additional use.


We designed a website and Facebook page that support the branding and theme of the Lakehouse Tavern.