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Episode Twenty-seven: Civilian Answers


Sheri Hoye has been an English teacher for three decades, one semester of which included teaching a creative writing class to previous Loomings guest Will Wright and Tom. Will, after being on the show a few weeks ago, invited Hoye to join to hash out some of the tensions from the class and nerd out over books, teaching, and how to incorporate art in the classroom. 

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Episode Twenty-six: Appsky Labs


Taylor Korensky tells the story of his interest in tech, design, and app creation that led to his multiple Omaha companies and becoming CEO of Appsky Labs, as well as the growth he sees in the company's future.

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Episode Twenty-five: The Big 25


On the latest fun Friday show, we celebrate 25 episodes of Loomings. Leah pitches a moral conundrum, Chris tells his story of seeing immersive theater for the first time, and Tom pitches a new Mike Judge reboot.

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Episode Twenty-four: Walk the Night


Spencer Williams discusses his upcoming immersive theater adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, Walk the Night: Death Marked Love which runs from October 5-29 at the Neale Woods Nature Center in Omaha. Actress Leah Cardenas and production designer Homero Vela also stop by to talk about the efforts put into the production and what they hope audiences take away from the unique experience.

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Episode Twenty-three: This One's For Abe


The Friday Fun Show returns at the last minute for the fans. Particularly, for Abe. Chris and Tom talk spicy food, immersive theater, Blade Runner 2049 reviews, and participation anxiety.

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Episode Twenty-two: Small Story, Big Idea


Will Wright is a teacher, director, actor, and award-winning playwright. He talks about how he fell in love with the stage and became confident enough in his craft to diversify his talents and he reflects on directing The Last Night of Ballyhoo.

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Episode Twenty-one: International Treasure


On this week's fun Friday show, Chris and Tom talk Mother, returning to a live broadcast, and attempt to gain a bigger audience by studying Seth MacFarlane. 

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Episode Twenty: Like Real Life


Rachel Dinan tells the story of falling love with acting, her work on plays and as the star of Green on Green, and becoming comfortable enough to pursue it as a career.

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Episode Nineteen: The Whale


Episode Eighteen: The Second Movie


Episode Seventeen: Wow!


Episode Sixteen: Just a Matter of When


Episode Fifteen: What's Best for Omaha


Episode Fourteen: Leah's Last Transmission


Episode Thirteen: Techno Hot Sauce


Episode Twelve: Stuck on Stuck


Episode Eleven: The Great Friday Experiment


Episode Ten: Colors


David Remus tells the story of his original passion for dancing and how he found his way into acting as he prepares for the starring role in the upcoming mini-series Dangerously Frank.

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Episode Nine: Fictional Appropriation


Tom talks about his new short movie, The Nuanced Side, and how it appropriates elements of reality from Chris Fago's life into a fictional comedy. 

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Episode Eight: Finding the Strike Zone


Jacob Philip Anderson chats about his filmmaking philosophy as he manages the production of Stuck season 2, works on his upcoming directorial projects Bump in the Night and Second Chances, and chases that big break into the mainstream.

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Episode Seven: Dip Out


Tom plays a clip from a probably abandoned short movie then catches up with Chris on life, movies, Seth Rogen impressions, and the critical reception to The Book of Henry.

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Episode Six: Miss DC Universe


Leah Cardenas talks about her experience watching Wonder Woman and the feminist discussions surrounding the movie.

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Episode Five: Katie Gets Excited About Things


Katie Otten looks back at her voice work, acting in the upcoming second season of Stuck, modeling, and her philosophy as she started her YouTube channel.

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Episode Four: A Lone Troubadour and His Guitar


Bach Mai chronicles his passion for music and journey to find his place in the music world. His debut album, We're Gone .. We Begin is available now on CD Baby. 

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Episode Three: A Mumblecore Postmortem


Ben Matukewicz and Tom Knoblauch tell the story of their first film, Almost a Weekend, and working under a mumblecore philosophy in Omaha.

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Episode Two: Battles Lost and Won


Leah Cardenas discusses how she was drawn to becoming a director and the struggles of crafting her immersive theater Macbeth adaptation: Battles Lost and Won

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Episode One: On Reboots and Hiatuses


Tom Knoblauch speaks to Chris Fago about their history in radio and podcasting as well as his intentions to take a hiatus after finishing his next film, Green on Green