Riverside Chats is a series of conversations in podcast form that explores the culture of Omaha and aims to tell the stories of the interesting people active in the city. Featured guests include artists, musicians, comedians, filmmakers, politicians, business owners, and more.

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The weekly podcast is recorded at Studio 62 in Benson and produced in collaboration with Benson First Friday.

If you are interested in being a featured guest on Riverside Chats and have some kind of project, business, issue, or local connection you would be interested in discussing, email us at podcasts@aksarbencreative.com.


Listen to previous episodes:


Episode 18: Mary Oliver

Mary Oliver is doing it all: she acts, writes, does martial arts, plays viola, and is working on a narrative podcast. She tells the story of how she went from pretending to be cat to writing ambitious plays like SOS, acting on the fly in Level Up, and creating a post-apocalyptic narrative podcast set in Benson.


Episode 17: Ehren Parks

Ehren Parks went from small-town Nebraska kid to film industry professional in Los Angeles as a producer and writer before making it back to Fremont to produce the new film, La Flamme Rouge. He tells the story of bringing his career full circle back to Fremont to help create a local film industry.


Episode 16: Diana Martinez

Diana Martinez discusses her path in getting a PhD in film, teaching film, and creating a podcast exploring the less publicized history of people of color within film history. Diana hosts the show Hollywood in Color, which is available on all your favorite podcast apps, and she is the education director at Film Streams, where you can sign up for her education series.


Episode 15: Matt Wedlock

Comedian Matt Wedlock talks comedy, improv, the military, addiction, and how his time in federal prison helped shape the kind of comedy he hopes to share with the world.


Episode 14: Tony Bonacci / Alex Jochim & Caitlin Little

BFF Representatives Alex Jochim and Caitlin Little stop by to plug their upcoming Omaha Gives event. Check it out at omahagives.org/bff and stop by The Sydney on May 22nd.

Tony Bonacci talks about his short film, The Headliner, and his process of turning the award-winning short into a higher budget feature.


Episode 13: Michael Burns Jr.

Michael Burns Jr. tells the story of how he went from ambitions in wrestling to screenwriting and becoming a successful actor on the brink of outgrowing the Omaha scene.


Episode 12: FishEye Kombucha

Fisheye Kombucha Brewers Jason Miller and Sara Hinrichs tell the story of founding Nebraska's first kombucha company, including explaining to the state what kombucha even is in order to get licensed.


Episode 11: Georg Joutras

Filmmaker Georg Joutras discusses the path to making his new documentary, Ocean of Grass, chronicling the life of ranchers in the Nebraska Sandhills.


Episode 10: Danny Machado & Aly Larimore

Danny Machado, writer/director of CHIT and assistant director Aly Larimore discuss their path in filmmaking.


Episode 9: Abigail C.K. Lill

Abigail C. K. Lill discusses her new play, Rumors in the Kitchen, as well as how she came to work in the entertainment industry and her initiative to create the Grandin Test--an inclusion test for writing characters with disabilities.


Episode 8: Kara Eastman

Congressional candidate Kara Eastman discusses her journey in politics and her view of the current state of our political system.


Episode 7: The Real Zebos

Connor Brandt and Jordan Gaul talk about the founding of their band, The Real Zebos, and the story of their new album, Strictly Platonic.


Episode 6: Rachel Jacobson

Rachel Jacobson, Founder and Executive Director of Film Streams, joins Riverside Chats to discuss the story of Film Streams and making an unlikely dream come true in a city previously lacking an art film market.


Episode 5: Brigitte Timmerman

Documentary Filmmaker Brigitte Timmerman discusses her new film, The Omaha Speaking, about the remaining speakers of the Omaha language within the Omaha Tribe.


Episode 4: Big Muddy Urban Farm

Eddy Quintero and Brent Lubbert of Big Muddy Urban Farm join us to discuss urban farming and how to reduce Omaha's wasted space. Recorded live at The B Side of Benson Theatre.


Episode 3: Senator Tom Briese

Senator Tom Briese discusses his intentions behind LB314 as a proposal to provide property tax relief through raising the state’s excise taxes on beer to the highest in the nation as well as a number of other revenue increases.


Episode 2: Local Brewers

Local brewers Dave Link (Infusion Brewing Company) and Phil Doerr (Farnam House Brewing Company) join Riverside Chats to discuss LB314, which would raise the taxes breweries are paying by nearly 350% and threaten the profitability of these local businesses. They discuss how this legislation would impact their business and the beer community in Nebraska.


Episode 1: Cameron Logsdon

Cameron Logsdon joins Riverside Chats to discuss comedy, creativity, and culture in Omaha. Recorded live at The B Side of Benson Theatre.