Aksarben Creative is pleased to present its newest short film The Debut.

"Oliver Grayson is in his fourth year of editing a $150,000 crowdfunded short, and his backers are out for blood.”



About the Project

The Debut was written in late 2018 by Tom Knoblauch as an opportunity to reunite with longtime Aksarben Creative collaborator Will Forget. Forget returned to Omaha in January to star in this short film directed by Knoblauch.

About the Cast

Will Forget

Will Forget plays the leading character Oliver in The Debut. He has worked with Aksarben Creative since 2013, starring in the company's first two films, Almost a Weekend and Adoptation. Forget starred in the 2018 short film The Living Draft. He appears regularly on The Medium Roast podcast.

Erica Gardner

Erica Gardner appeared in Aksarben Creative’s Green on Green and plays Angela in The Debut. She has appeared in many Nebraska-based short and feature films. To learn more, visit her website.



The Debut has been selected to screen at the 2019 Lincoln Short Film Festival. It will make its world premiere on May 3 at The Railyard in Lincoln.



We’d like to thank Jared Charles of The Burrow Reviews for reviewing this film and interviewing writer/director Tom Knoblauch.