Aksarben Creative is pleased to present its newest short film The Living Draft.

"Peyton meets with her famous writer ex-boyfriend, Reginald, in order to get permission to use his persona for her new play."

About the Project

The Living Draft was originally developed by Tom Knoblauch and Ben Matukewicz as a way to reunite with longtime collaborator Will Forget. Forget, the star of the company's second film, Adoptation, returned to Omaha briefly in December to complete this project. The script was written by Tom Knoblauch and Will Forget, with Knoblauch directing the short film. The project was filmed in Omaha near the end of December.

About the Cast

Cassie Hunt - Cassie Hunt appeared in Aksarben Creative's upcoming film Green on Green and stars as "Peyton" in The Living Draft. Hunt is earning her BFA in Acting at Nebraska Wesleyan University. She lives in Lincoln with her dog, Teddy.

Will Forget - Will Forget has worked with Aksarben Creative since 2013, starring in the company's first two films, Almost a Weekend and Adoptation. Forget is featured in a minor role in the upcoming film Green on Green. Forget co-wrote and stars as "Reginald" in The Living Draft. He resides in Florida, where he continues to serve as a Creative Consultant for Aksarben Creative.

Chris Fago - Chris Fago has been involved in the majority of Aksarben Creative's productions, joining the team in 2015 to help produce Adoptation. Fago serves as a production associate and has appeared in a number of small acting roles in various projects. Fago stepped up to fill the role of "Archie" in The Living Draft. He lives in Omaha with his countless army of pet snakes.

Rachel Dinan -  Rachel Dinan appeared in Aksarben Creative's third film, Naomi Jones, and plays the lead role in the company's upcoming film Green on Green. Dinan earned her BFA as a Musical Theatre major at Nebraska Wesleyan University. Dinan appears as "Lashanda Fitzpatrick" in The Living Draft. She will depart Omaha in February to take her talents to Los Angeles.